PAL Education is entrusted in assisting its clients to reach their goals by providing them with innovative environments as well as personalizing their event experiences which will lead to making big differences.
PAL Education is becoming one of the leading consultancy companies from Malaysia to Pakistan. We are affiliated with many renowned universities, colleges and institutes in Malaysia, Russia, Spain, Hungary, Australia, Malta, Austria, Turkey, China, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, South Korea, UK, USA, Canada, and Pakistan. In the future, we are hoping to be affiliated with other universities around the globe. Moreover, we can assure you that students will be enrolled in well-merited and ideal institutes, shifting of universities if students are unsatisfied with their initial schools and pathway finders.

Our education team consists of experienced members of different races, speaking different languages, mainly English, Urdu, Pashto, Slovak, Czech, Malay German, Hungarian, Kazakh, Bengali, and Arabic. They will not only help you to achieve the best outcomes in the way of your valuable education path but will also give their efforts to listen to your problems and find every possible ways to find a solution. PAL Education can guide you towards the peak of your education career.

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