Pal Education Affiliate Program Terms of Service

Finalised Between:

Party A: Pal Educational Consultancy (SSM 002578994-V) located at Shop Lot A-01 Puncak Banyan, Taman Connaught, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, PAL Educational Consultancy Quetta, Pakistan.

Party B: (Sub Agent Name Registered on Portal), the registered office of which is situated at (Address of the company or Agent)

Wherein: PAL has agreed to engage Party B to act as a sub-agent and Party B has agreed to act as follows:

Terms and Conditions:

Sub-Agency Contract

1. Party B understands that PAL is an international Education & Migration Consultancy providing education and migration counselling services to students. PAL also provides Professional Year enrollment services. It assists in marketing services if required by education institutions.

2. PAL understands that Party B is a registered Education Consultancy or Registered sole proprietor.

3. PAL engages Party B to be its sub-agent to recruit international students from Malaysia (Onshore) and (Name of Countries) markets.

4. This is a non-exclusive agreement and PAL may appoint other agents, at any given time.

5. Party B will recruit or assist in recruiting students in accordance with the regulation and terms set by PAL.

-5.1. In assisting students, Party B will provide all necessary assistance and information in completing forms or applications.

-5.2. Party B must provide PAL original and true copies of the supporting documents with a set of photocopies from each of the documents. Party B has an obligation to prove that the supporting documents submitted are a true copy from the original documents. PAL would not pay any responsibility for the legal action if Party B submitted false/doctored documents;

-5.3. Party B must counsel with integrity and accuracy and recruit students in an honest, ethical and responsible manner;

-5.4. Party B must inform prospective students accurately about the requirements of programs or any prerequisites. PAL shall not be held liable for any unsuccessful application in case of an applicant not meeting the entry criteria or any money lost in that case;

-5.5. Party B should ensure all application form is filled out correctly and signed by the clients before sending it to PAL;

-5.6. Party B shall collect and forward within 2 days of receipts of all fees and charges payable.

6. PAL shall pay commission to Party B by telegraphic/bank transfer within 30 working days after PAL receives the commissions from the relevant institutions for the invoiced students of Party B, Party B must be aware that some institutions will take 2 – 4 months after the commencement date to send their commissions.

-6.1. The commission rate shall be IN USD out of the percentage that PAL receives from the tuition fee for onshore clients and USD out of the percentage for offshore clients. In case of any change of percentage of the commission received from the education provider, Party B shall be notified; As Per Discussed before Agreement

-6.2. Commissions for the student(s) may be requested to be refunded by Party B if PAL is required to pay commissions back to the institution(s), where the student(s) involved to withdraw From Institutions was from party B

-6.3. Party B must send PAL a copy of each application, letter of offer and COE in order to get the correct commission from the institution.

-6.4. All invoices for student commission must be sent to PAL as soon as the student enrols into the institution

-6.5. PAL will be responsible for sending follow up for all Invoices or any correspondence regarding the invoice.

7. Tuition fees will only be payable to the university by a method designated by a university;

7.1. In the event of a visa being refused to a client who has paid tuition to a university. PAL shall refund the tuition fees to Party B or its client within 30 days upon receiving the payment from the university. In this event, Party A shall have the responsibility of obtaining refunds of relevant fees from the institution(s).

7.2. PAL shall not contact directly Party B’s clients in any way Except requested by Party B.

7.3. Letter of offers shall bear the company name of PAL.

8. Party B will only undertake promotional and marketing activities (especially using the name or logo of the Institutions) that PAL approves in alignment with the requirements of the educational institution(s) in the subject.

9. Party B must not subcontract the services of PAL to any other person or business without the prior consent of PAL.

10. PAL agrees to notify Party B within 60 days as a warning if and when it discontinues an agreement with an education institution.

11. All correspondence and communication to the Institutions including asking for brochure must have consent or can be through PAL.

12. If Party B fails to abide by the terms of this agreement or do something which party A deems to be a serious violation of the agreement with the Institutions, PAL may terminate the agreement immediately by giving written notice. In such a case, PAL has the right not to give Party B any commissions for the involved case.

13. Either party may terminate this agreement by giving 60 days’ notice.

14. This agreement will be valid for (1) year/s and after the due date, there will be time to review the agreement if need further changes in the relation of creating better service and stronger relation in partnership.

15. If Party B requests in writing, PAL may provide services in addition to the consultancy services as discussed. PAL may make an additional charge for providing such additional services.





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