2020/2021 Academic Year Quotas and Tuition Fees of International Students

Name Of ProgrammeDuration (Year)QuotaMedium Of InstructionTuition Fee (Year)Campus
Faculty of Medicine
Medicine644Turkish19.440 $Topkapı
Medicine660English21.600 $Topkapı
Faculty of Dentistry
Dentistry540English18.360 $Topkapı
Faculty of Pharmacy
Pharmacy560Turkish10.800 $Topkapı
Pharmacy550English11.880 $Topkapı
Faculty of Human and Social Sciences
Psychology435Turkish4.860 $Topkapı
Psychology430English5.400 $Topkapı
Sociology4To be announcedEnglish4.320 $Topkapı
Turkish Language and Literature420Turkish4.320 $Topkapı
English Language and Literature430English4.320 $Topkapı
English Interpretation and Translation440English4.320 $Topkapı
Philosophy420Turkish4.320 $Topkapı
Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design442Turkish5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Architecture435Turkish5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Architecture430English5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts424Turkish4.860 $Vadi İstanbul
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts440English4.860 $Vadi İstanbul
Industrial Design4To be announcedTurkish4.860 $Vadi İstanbul
Digital Game Design450English4.860 $Vadi İstanbul
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Software Engineering440Turkish5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Software Engineering460English5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Mechanical Engineering430English5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Computer Engineering4To be announcedTurkish5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Computer Engineering460English5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Civil Engineering423English5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Electrical and Electronics Engineering435English5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Industrial and Systems Engineering435English5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Biomedical Engineering450English5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Bioinformatics and Genetics440English5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Molecular Biology and Genetics455English4.320 $Vadi İstanbul
Mathematics425English4.320 $Vadi İstanbul
Chemistry420English4.320 $Vadi İstanbul
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Economics440English4.320 $Vadi İstanbul
Business Administration460English4.320 $Vadi İstanbul
Health Management430Turkish4.320 $Vadi İstanbul
Political Science and Public Administration430Turkish4.320 $Vadi İstanbul
International Relations440English4.320 $Vadi İstanbul
International Trade and Business430English4.320 $Vadi İstanbul
Management Information Systems440Turkish4.320 $Vadi İstanbul
Management Information Systems460English4.320 $Vadi İstanbul
Faculty of Communication
Visual Communication Design440Turkish4.320 $Vadi İstanbul
Public Relations and Advertising460Turkish4.320 $Vadi İstanbul
New Media and Communication460English4.320 $Vadi İstanbul
Radio, Television and Cinema460English4.320 $Vadi İstanbul
Faculty of Health Sciences
Nutrition and Dietetics446Turkish4.860 $Topkapı
Child Development435Turkish4.320 $Topkapı
Speech and Language Therapy430Turkish4.320 $Topkapı
Midwifery430Turkish4.320 $Topkapı
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation460Turkish4.860 $Topkapı
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation434English4.860 $Topkapı
Nursing440Turkish4.860 $Topkapı
Nursing440English4.860 $Topkapı
Social Work420Turkish4.320 $Topkapı
Audiology440Turkish4.320 $Topkapı

Graduate Programs

Name Of ProgrammeDuration (Year)QuotaMedium Of InstructionTuition Fee (Whole Program)Campus
Institute of Social Sciences
Business Administration (with thesis) / Focused Programs (Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance)25Turkish5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Business Administration (non-thesis) / Focused Programs (Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance)110Turkish4.860 $Vadi İstanbul
Health Management (with thesis)25Turkish5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Health Management (non-thesis)15Turkish4.860 $Vadi İstanbul
Health Management (PhD)4To be announcedTurkish10.800 $Vadi İstanbul
Political Science and International Relations (with thesis)25Turkish5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Psychology (with thesis)25Turkish4.860 $Vadi İstanbul
Psychology (non-thesis)110Turkish4.860 $Vadi İstanbul
Institute of Health Sciences
Surgical Disease Nursing (with thesis)21Turkish5.400 $Topkapı
Surgical Disease Nursing (non-thesis)11Turkish4.860 $Topkapı
Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Nursing (with thesis)21Turkish5.400 $Topkapı
Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Nursing (non-thesis)11Turkish4.860 $Topkapı
Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Nursing (PhD)41Turkish10.800 $Topkapı
Pharmaceutical Chemistry (PhD)41Turkish10.800 $Topkapı
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (with thesis)21Turkish5.400 $Topkapı
Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering (with thesis)20Turkish5.400 $Topkapı
Neuroscience (with thesis)20Turkish5.400 $Topkapı
Cancer Biology and Pharmacology (with thesis)21Turkish5.400 $Topkapı
Medical Biology and Genetics (with thesis)21Turkish5.400 $Topkapı
Speech and Language Therapy (with thesis)21Turkish5.400 $Topkapı
Nutrition and Dietetics (with thesis)2To be announcedTurkish5.400 $Topkapı
Nutrition and Dietetics (non-thesis)1To be announcedTurkish4.860 $Topkapı
Institute of Science
Architectural Design (with thesis)2To be announcedTurkish5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
Computer Engineering (with thesis)2To be announcedEnglish5.400 $Vadi İstanbul
  • In our tuition fees, the VAT rate has been taken as 8%. If the 1% VAT regulation continues, the amount difference will be refunded.
  • A 5% discount will be applied for annual cash payments.
  • If our staff working at MLPCARE and their first degree relatives enroll in our university as an international student, a 5% discount will be applied to their annual tuition fees.
    In this context, the following documents will be requested from our candidates during registration:

    – A letter of work from the institution you work for (minimum 1 year experience is a must)
    – Employment declaration
    – For 1st degree relatives (Mother, Father, Spouse and Children) Identity Register Copy

  • The tuition fee for the English Preparatory Program is 5.130 $ per year.
  • The tuition fee for the Turkish Preparatory Program is 1.080 $ per year.  
  • The tuition fee for the Scientific Preparatory Program for Graduate Degree Programs is 2.160 $.
  • The annual tuition fee does not include health insurance, food and accommodation fees.
  • Deposit/Pre-registration payments to reserve a quota for international student applications are not refundable.
  • The aforementioned tuition fees are valid only for the 2021-2022 academic year and may be increased according to the producer price index/consumer price index each year as the university deems appropriate. 

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