Dear Valued Students,

Early Application Campaign For Non-Medicine Programs Until 31 March 2021;

  • –  For English Programs 35% scholarship.
  • –  For Turkish Programs 20% scholarship.

To benefit from our Early Application Campaign for Non-Medicine Programs;

  • –  Complete the student application until 31 March 2021.
  • –  Complete the payment of at least half of the yearly fees until 30 April 2021.


Maltepe University is one of the A+ Plus Universities and one of the best foundation universities based on international rankings as well its accredited programs in Turkey. MAU has the 3rd most huge Campus in Turkey, located in Marmara Education Village (Istanbul), Built on 100-hectare land among pine forests and hosts about 500 events every year. MAU offers students a vivid university life with its facilities for education, training, research and social activities.

If you want to take advantage of an early application opportunity, please indicate your intention during the application process and attach relevant documents for the evaluation such as SAT score, GMAT score and YÖS score if available.

2021-2022 Academic Year Maltepe University Annual Fees;

Medicine Faculty (in English) Fee is 14.000 USD per year. (there is no scholarship)

Medicine Faculty (in Turkish) Fee is 10.000 USD per year, (there is no scholarship) Undergraduate Programs (in English) Fee is 5000 USD per year.
Undergraduate Programs (in Turkish) Fee is 4000 USD per year,

Application Process

Applications are received through the online application system.

· Maltepe University International Center sends your documents to the related department for evaluation. The evaluation may take 2 weeks.

· The acceptance is conditional, it is valid only if the candidate pays a deposit for the

acceptance letter. The deposit payment will be deducted from the total tuition fee during registration. The conditional acceptance letter is valid for the days stated in the letter.
· Deposit payment will be charged as a tuition fee per semester for undergraduate


If you have valid TOEFL IBT and PTE Academic for programs taught in English as well TÖMER for programs taught in Turkish, you can submit for language skills evaluation. If you have not obtained any language test in English as well as an unacceptable score, you can take part in a Proficiency examination at Maltepe University. In order to start your education at Maltepe University, you should satisfy our English proficiency requirements, you can find the language requirements from the

Programs Language Duration (Years) Annual Tuition Fee

Medicine English 6 14.000 USD

Medicine Turkish 6 10.000 USD

Architecture English 4 5000 USD

Architecture Turkish 4 4000 USD

Interior Architecture Turkish 4 4000 USD

Nautical Design Turkish 4 4000 USD

Business Administration Turkish 4 4000 USD

International Trade and English 4 5000 USD Logistics

International Trade and Turkish 4 4000 USD Logistics

Tuition Fee Structure For Maltepe University Graduate Programs
Graduate Programs
Annual Fee  (USD)
Master Degree -(package)
PhD – (package)

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