Istinye University was established in 2015 by the 21st Century Anatolian Foundation as the continuation of a 25-year knowledge and experience of the MLP Care Group which has brought three different hospital brands, namely, “Liv Hospital”, “Medical Park” and “VM Medical Park” under one roof.
With its academic staff successfully committed to education and research to make a difference, Istinye University aims to take a place among Turkey and the world’s most prestigious universities by contributing to producing new knowledge through its education and research performance while helping its students become well-equipped in their fields by sharing existing knowledge with them.
Applying a student-oriented understanding of education to all of its processes, Istinye University intends to expand the borders of science thanks to the academic staff’s research, but the findings obtained through scientific developments into practice for social welfare, and offer quality and accessible health services to the society in line with its vision of being a science and research centre. By conducting education, research and social service activities at universal standards, the university provides its students with a wide range of knowledge, as well as a learning and progressive environment that also covers the fields of technology and art.
The university elevates its students as individuals who are equipped with leadership skills, believe in the power of science, closely follow developments in the world, are capable of critical thinking and hold humanitarian and ethical values and the habit of self-improvement and using creativity. It directs its graduates to work environments where they can use these skills, especially to Liv Hospital, Medical Park and VM Medical Park gathered under the umbrella of MLP Care Group.
By elevating the competent, creative and forward-looking individuals of the future, Istinye University aims at contributing to the progress of humankind and playing a significant role in the social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological development of our society.


The mission of İstinye University is to offer an innovative and sustainable education that is student-centred and in close cooperation with relevant sectors, to conduct research utilizing advanced technology, to generate new information and technologies, and to contribute to the development of society by developing solutions to local and universal problems.


The vision of Istinye University is to be one of the leading universities in the world with an aim of excellence in education, research, innovation and technology development, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence and digitalization.


  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Competitiveness
  • Leadership
  • Team spirit
  • Respect for ethical values
  • Justice
  • Passion
  • Self-confidence
  • Social responsibility
  • A sense of belonging and dedication

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