About the project

Take your place in Demir Eko-San, the Winning Project of the Future!

Demir Eko-San is established in Tekirdağ Organized Industrial Site on an area of ​​242,400 square meters. There are 362 workshops, 65 shops, a 2000-person Fair-Congress-Ball-Meeting Hall, a total of 7 blocks. It is a sustainable project that extracts its own water and produces its own energy with solar panels. Take your place in this producer-friendly project with a width of 30 m between blocks and a ceiling height of 12 m in workshops!


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Tenant Ready

Always functioning shops and workshops without the hassle of looking for tenants.

Central Location

Proximity to Istanbul – 30 minutes

Closest OIZ site to Tekirdağ port – 25 minutes

With the north road highway to Istanbul Airport – 40 minutes

Çorlu Airport – 2 minutes

European free zone – 20 minutes

Tax Exemption and Profitable Investment

Environment Cleaning Tax Exemption

Real Estate Tax Exemption

Customs Duty Exemption

Saving Investment with

Discounted Energy with its Central Location

It provides discounted electricity with its solar panel workshops that produce its own electricity. A project-based on ecology and sustainability; ‘Iron Eko-San Industrial Site’

Discounted Water

It reduces your water usage costs with its system that does not have a wastewater (process water) problem and extracts its own water.

Storage Areas

It offers height, width, storage and manufacturing area in accordance with international dimensions. It provides a suitable unloading area for all kinds of areas.

Meeting Point

Brings producers and consumers together with fair and congress areas.

Workshop Licensed Units

The region’s new project works with ecological, sustainable energy and has licensed manufacturing units.


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