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Why Malaysia   Known for its tagline ‘Truly Asia’, Malaysia has long since cemented its reputation as one of the…

INTI University

Study in Hungary

Why Study In Hungary High-Quality Education At the point when numerous students consider concentrate study abroad, Hungary colleges work to…

Study in Turkey

Why Turkey   1. OPPORTUNITIES FOR QUALITY HIGHER EDUCATION With a schooling rate of 94.2 %, Turkey ranks second in…

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We are here to assist students in walking this path with confidence while allowing them to realize their full potential. Waqas Ahmed Kakar…


PAL Education is committed to providing the best educational services to students and parents by being the bridge between them…


We seek to create a worldwide network of educational services that will benefit the generations to come in their educational…

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PAL Education is entrusted in assisting its clients to reach their goals by providing them with innovative environments as well as personalizing their event experiences which will lead to making big differences.
PAL Education is becoming one of the leading consultancy companies from Malaysia to Pakistan. We are affiliated with many renowned universities, colleges and institutes in Malaysia, Russia, Spain, Hungary, Australia, Malta, Austria, Turkey, China, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, South Korea, UK, USA, Canada, and Pakistan. In the future, we are hoping to be affiliated with other universities around the globe. Moreover, we can assure you that students will be enrolled in well-merited and ideal institutes, shifting of universities if students are unsatisfied with their initial schools and pathway finders. (more…)

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PhD Programs in Malaysia

In recent decades Malaysia has experienced an exciting evolution of the higher education facilities in the country, with publicly funded…


Master Programs in malaysia

The Malaysian government is especially keen to encourage research into areas that offer technological advancement to the country, meaning fields…


Bachelor programs in Malaysia

Bachelor programs in Malaysia offer students a diverse range of study options in Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Sarawak, Terengganu, Selangor and…


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